OTC Trading Desk for Bitcoin Mining Derivatives

Buy and sell hashprice non-deliverable forward (NDF) contracts of various size and duration, settled via Luxor’s OTC trading desk.

Luxor Derivatives by Luxor Mining

Live Hashprice Chart

Hashprice quantifies how much a miner can expect to earn from a specific quantity of hashrate.

Live Hashprice

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Luxor Derivatives
Luxor Derivatives

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A New Way to Buy and Sell Hashrate

Luxor’s Hashprice non-deliverable forward (NDF) contracts re-imagine how miners and investors can buy and sell Bitcoin mining hashrate

  • Financial ProtectionHedge exposure to Bitcoin price, network difficulty, and transaction fees using a single product designed specifically for bitcoin mining and hosting companies.
  • Business Certainty“Lock-in” hashprice and introduce certainty into business planning.
  • Financial Capital AccessDownside protection and hashprice certainty unlock new business models and facilitate access to capital
  • Easy SettlementContracts are settled in US dollars, USDC, or Bitcoin without worrying about physical delivery of hashrate.
  • Increased OptionalityProvides non-physical exposure to hosting sites temporarily curtailing mining operations and miners trying to procure hashrate but dealing with long lead times.
  • CustomizationCustomizable contracts tailored to a miner, colocation, or hosting site’s specific needs.
  • Non-physical ExposureGain non-physical exposure to hashprice to generate alpha, without owning and operating physical mining assets.
  • DiversificationDiversify a portfolio into an emerging alternative asset class.

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